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For the lolz.

2009-11-16 14:18:17 by ThrasherMan

A school teacher injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. It fit under his shirt and was not noticeable at all.

On the first day of the term, still with the cast under his shirt, he found himself assigned to the toughest students in school. Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, he opened the window as wide as possible and then busied himself with desk work. When a strong breeze made his tie flap, he took the desk stapler and stapled the tie to his chest.

He had no trouble with discipline that term.


2008-07-13 17:59:20 by ThrasherMan

I've been reading peoples stories and I thought, what the hell, I'll post my own! I'm a gory kind of guy. So creepy stories are probably gonna be what I'll be writing about. Children, stay away. Or else your parents will flame me.

The party was on in Barry's house. Everybody was going crazy dancing and chatting. It's Montreal! Party Time! They were all having great time, except Roy. He didn't have many friends. Barry was the only friend he really had. But he was busy talking with other more interesting people. Roy sighed. He tried to start dancing a bit but realized he didn't know how to dance at all. He tried to start a conversation with Barry but he was way too occupied with other people who had much more to say.
"I can't believe this...I have to become more talkative, more interesting. I'm 17 and I have barely any friends and I never know what to say to anyone. Being interesting...God its much harder then it sounds." Roy says to himself
"Whatever, I don't really belong here anyway." whispered Roy while walking out the front door "I really came from my house to here for this...'sigh'."

It was dark, stormy out and Roy, who lived alone in his small house in Laval, needed a ride. He was on 13th avenue in Montreal, in front of Barry's house and was waiting impatiently for a car to actually stop and help him. He saw a car coming and showed his thumb well up in the air. The car stopped in front of him and the driver said,
"Hop in." While tapping on the front seat next to him.
"Thank you so much!" Roy replied "I've been waiting here for a while!"
"Not a problem I was just driving around bored."
The car was a silver Mazda 3 and the man had a raspy voice. Roy opened the door and hopped in the car. He looked around and spotted a big bag that could fit a dozen brooms in the back.
"What's in there?" he asked pointing at the bag
"You don't want to know. "The driver replied plainly.
"Umm ok well anyways I'm going to Laval, you could drop me off next to the metro, I live around there."
"To Laval we go then." the driver said and drove off.

"Hey, Laval is that way." Roy said pointing off to the right in the fork of the road.
"Shortcut" the raspy voice replied.
"Really?" Roy asked "I've never heard of a shortcut to Laval..."
"Now you have." The driver said.
"I guess so...Oh and can I know your name, mine is Roy."
"You can call me T.A."
"Wow, what an unusual name..." Roy replied
T.A. gave Roy a sharp look. Roy didn't reply.
He continued to look from time to time suspiciously at the big bag in the back of the car.
"How much time left to get to Laval with your apparent shortcut?" Roy asked impatiently after 15 more minutes.
"10 minutes and we'll be in Laval, next to the metro." T.A. replied calmly
"If you say so."
10 minutes later they arrive in front of an abandoned warehouse
"What are we doing here?" Roy asks, looking through the passenger's window, at the warehouse.
"You don't want to know." T.A. chuckled
He turns back to T.A. and sees him with a steel bar, a grin, then...nothing.

When Roy wakes up he's got a major headache and he feels as if he's hung upside down by his feet then looks at the ceiling and the floor...he realizes he IS hung upside down. He looks around and spots T.A. sitting and drinking a pint of beer. Then, he remembers everything that happened. The drive to Laval, the shortcut, then the warehouse and the steel bar.
"GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" Roy yells as loud as he can.
"After all I've been through to get you tied up there? You're joking right?" T.A. says sarcastically.
"Where am I?"
"In my 'secret hideout'"
"What are you going to do to me?" Roy asks, worried.
"Well, probably what I did to everyone else or they'll get jealous that you got less then they did." T.A. said waving his hands at the things stuck on the walls that Roy thought was beef...
"Are you saying that...these...are Human?" Roy asks
"Not anymore." T.A. smiles
"OH MY GOD!" Roy screams, disgusted "I don't want to end up like them! PLEASE! HAVE MERCY! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" He cries.
"Sorry, I'm all out of mercy. And nobody's too young to die." He smiled
"YOU PSYCHO SERIAL KILLER!" Roy screams with a choked voice and falls back into coma.

Roy awakens to a tapping sound. He opens his eyes slowly and realizes he is now in a cage, not tied upside down. He moves his eyes around to see what tapping sound woke him. Then he sees T.A. leaning down over something and another tapping sound. Roy tries to get up but feels weak, so he falls back down, that's when T.A. realizes that Roy is awake. T.A. gets up and picks up what he was working on and hangs it up on a wall then Roy sees what T.A. was tapping on, a human body hung by his feet with nails on the wall.
"This is what was in that bag in my car earlier." T.A. smiles and walks away.
"But he'll get torn apart!" Roy tries to tell T.A.
T.A. stops abruptly, turns around slowly and says coldly
"Don't EVER say that again."
Roy is stunned by the way T.A. is staring at him.
"Wh...Why not?" Roy finally asks.
T.A. turns back and continues walking stiffly.

DUN DUN DUN! Drastic ending to this chapter!...
I'll continue If this gets enough replies.

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So yea, my account page was begging me to make my first news post. You know with the crying smiley face and the such. So i decided I'd make one with a link to my first submission as well! There's a first or everything. Even sometimes there are two firsts at a time :O